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Dolce Firenze & Toscana -“THE SWEET SIDE OF OUR COUNTRY”

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Firenze & Toscana


i migliori Pasticceri, i Dolci e i Gelati

più tipici e squisiti con le ricette

di Veronica Triolo

contributi di

James Bradburne, Roberta Capua, Vito Mollica, Davide Paolini

Florence is not only beautiful,….it’s also sweet in  vERONICA TRIOLO’S NEW BOOK

From the author of the blog, Veronica Triolo presents a follow up to her book that came out last year, “Dolce Firenze & oltre – The sweet side of the city,” about the best desserts, pastry, and ice cream shops in and around Florence. This second edition entitled “Dolce Firenze & Toscana – The sweet side of our country” published by Nuova Editoriale Florence Press, has a more expanded format and content. In this book, she talks about her journey through some of Tuscany’s best pastry, bread, and ice cream shops and shares with her readers where to find the most glorious signature desserts, sweets for special occasions, and much more. She interviews people who have dedicated their lives to their creations composing a tale of life stories as well as sweet culinary experiences. She adds: “I enjoy discovering if there really is a similarity between the artisan and the products that he/she produces. If these two are similar, it means that we are in harmony and that is the name of the game.”

This time her words were translated into English by Mary Rose Tiberi while the cover and internal illustrations, of a colorful train filled with tasty sweets, were drawn by Ian P. Benfold Haywood.

Veronica explains the criteria she adopted while creating the contents for her book: I was determined to focus first on those who use the best locally sourced ingredients in their natural form without the use of additives, preservatives, dyes, etc. My first visit to each place was unannounced while my second visit was made by appointment. This allowed me access to the various kitchens and workshops where I was able to appreciate the diverse working methods, the cleanliness, and the atmosphere at each locale. For me, the atmosphere is especially important as I firmly believe that only in a peaceful and harmonious environment can you develop those positive energies that permeate the product which then reaches those who taste it.”

The recipes found at the end of the book are simplified versions available to the readers.

The book was received with great attention and enthusiasm in Italy. It was viewed and acknowledged with hope for a brighter future where life will resume stronger than ever and with a greater appreciation for human interaction and overall enjoyment for all things sweet.

You can visit Veronica Triolo’s popular Italian-French blog,, where she writes mainly about art, lifestyle, and cuisine. She lives in Italy and France and is a marketing and communications consultant.

Dolce Firenze & Toscana – The Sweet Side of Our Country” – the best pastry chefs, desserts, and the most typical and exquisite gelato – with recipes, by Veronica Triolo

Available in bookstores in Italy and online at AMAZON.



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