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Re: Special Promotion PACKAGE $249.00 for Sydney Times Food & WINE Guide -Publicity Offe

This is a “no brainer”,…This is as cheap as chips ,…it won’t even put a dent in you Marketing budget!,…It might be an Argentinean Malbec, a New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc or a Spanish Rioja,..or even a Bordeaux Cru Bourgeois,..or a less well known Champagne !?
You can promote your products in the Sydney and Melbourne or Australian markets during the years peak sales season,…using the resources and platform of Connoisseur MAGAZINE and the SydneyTIMES in tandem!

*Introductory $249.00 Publicity Package (Admin Fees only)

Leading up to the Christmas & NY Shopping and Holiday periods we are offering a Special $249.00 Promotion  for Connoisseur  MAGAZINE  clients who wish to promote their Gourmet Foods, Wine or Luxury Products or Services on the Sydney Times Food &Wine  Guide (see
This Advertising Offer (which basically only covers Administration Fees) is available for businesses in the following Categories:

-Wine Producers and Exporters

-Luxury Goods Products or Services 

Gourmet Food Retailers and Producers,

-Luxury Food Products e.g. Caviar or Salmon /Jamon or Prosciutto/Cheese etc

-Cafes, Restaurants, and Wine bars Products or services

This promotion is an introductory offer, we build up traffic on our website and social media platform. Selected clients may wish to form a strategic long term relationship with the Sydney Times Food&Wine Guide Platform, we progress to developing Print Magazines and Newspapers and a credible presence in the Sydney and NSW markets. Already we have a good working relationship with ALDI Australia stores and the Sydney Seafood School, and many other Sydney Times collaborators and stakeholders!

The Sydney Times is designed to share NEWS and inform our Readers and Community and share information from major NSW agencies and stakeholders in a non-political manner in order to Keep our Readers informed about things that matter and Lifestyle issues.

The STFoodGuide is an important part of our Media Platform!

Your Publicity or Branded content will be broadcast on our Social Media platform including Instagram and Facebook!

By participating in this promotion,.Your company will benefit from the following:

SEO Ranking connected to ST Food & Wine Guide

-Amplification of the Branded content about Bertocchi to our FB and Instagram followers

-Your inhouse Influencer can not bring you these benefits!

* You pay only the nominal administrative charge of $249.00  for the uploading of your text and graphics onto the website. We can further broadcast your content on the Australian edition of Connoisseur Magazine!

I hope that we can collaborate together,..and create an interesting campaign for You

Look forward to hearing back from you soon,

Best Regards

Axel Ritenis

Publishing Editor

Sydney TIMES & Connoisseur  MAGAZINE

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