Christmas 2023 -Special Offer -€475 “Native content publicity package” on Connoisseur MAGAZINE

Written by Ritenis Aksel

Christmas 2023 -Special Offer -€475 “Native content publicity package” on Connoisseur MAGAZINE

Showcasing “the Finer things in Life” since 2009

Publicity Package -Euros €475.00  


Dear Readers, Friends, Colleagues, and Collaborators!

*By ordering a publicity package you Save 40 % on our regular Fee for Branded Content and Publicity Rates 

Connoisseur MAGAZINE re-launched in London in 2009 and we promised: *to showcase the Finer things in Life!

*In fact we practically invented the term “to showcase a product or service” as it was not a commonly used expression- a showcase was a noun, to wit,.. a glass cabinet!

Connoisseur MAGAZINE operates as a seasonal magazine online, which is a showcase for ‘The Finer Things in Life’ be they:


  • Fine Arts And Antiques
  • Jewelry, Watches, and collectables.
  • Cultural experiences (Opera, Theatre, Dance, Ballett)
  • Fine wines And Gastronomy
  • Luxury Hotels or Villas & Travel OR Wine Travel
  • Real estate and property or belonging to the realm of
  • Design, Entertainment, Luxury Automobiles, and Luxury Lifestyle, etc., 


Contact :Publishing Editor Axel Ritenis

Email: [email protected] 

Or contact me on Linkedin Axel Ritenis ,..where I have 30,000 Followers and a who’s who of the Wine and Luxury goods sector!

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