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Written by Aksel Ritenis


What are we about at Connoisseur MAGAZINE?

The original Connoisseur Magazine, was known as “The Connoisseur Magazine” and  was launched in Mayfair, London in 1902. It was a periodical and chronicle for collectors and investors in fine art, collectables and antique furniture.

This magazine was limited circulation magazine for the English Gentry and aristocracy ,..until it was purchased by William Randolph Hurst in the 1950’s  reputedly with a view to “moving or selling his large Art Collection ,…and having influence in the Art World. The US based publication ,…originally with the title (and Trademark “The Connoisseur Magazine” later the was dropped off the printed title.) The currentCustodian (Aksel Ritenis)registered the UK “Connoisseur Magazine” Trademark in London in 2007,..

The name of the magazine title “Connoisseur ” is derived from the French word “connoisseur” and from Middle-French words “connoistre” and “connaître” meaning “to be acquainted with” or “to know somebody/something”.


persian_rug“A person described as a “connoisseur” is a person who is said to have a great deal of knowledge about the fine arts, or that is believed to be an expert judge in matters of taste. Including arts and antiques, antique furniture, modern art and contemporary society, the term has evolved so that internationally, the term “connoisseur” is also used in the context of gastronomy, i.e. in connection with fine wine, food, beer, tea and many other products whose consumption can be pleasing to the senses.”

Modern connoisseurship is also related to museums, art galleries and “the cult of originality”.

“Connoisseurs evaluate works of art on the basis of aesthetic conclusions.”

The responsibility of the connoisseur is to “attribute authorship, validate authenticity and appraise quality.”

Source: Wikepedia

rolex_watchThe current “Connoisseur Magazine”, has been developed as a”vehicle” for showcasing Art & Culture, Fine Wine and Food, Restaurants, Travel and Luxury Lifestyle.

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What does this mean in practical terms?

A recent discussion in the NewYork Times about “Connoisseurship” (which was largely a response to our campaign to enlist public support for the magazine in a campaign initiated on the popular Crowd Funding portal “Indiegogo”) sheds significant light on the concept of connoisseurship and its true meaning in a “social context.”

“Contemporary efforts to apply connoisseurship to a host of far-flung fields are consistent with this history. “Our definition of quality continues to expand and mature,” Dr. Kanter said, “so it makes sense that we can talk now about connoisseurs not just of art but also of rap music, comic books and Scotch.”

madonna_painting“Connoisseurship is not about objects; it’s a process of thinking about and making distinctions among things.”

“True connoisseurs — and this is what makes the label so appealing — do not merely possess knowledge, like scholars. They possess a sixth sense called taste. They are renowned for the unerring judgment of their discerning eye. They are celebrated because of their rare talent — their gift — for identifying and appreciating subtle, often”hidden, qualities.”

Here at Connoisseur Magazine London,..(whilst I am charged with the responsibiliies of Editor and Custodian of the brand) it is our aim to publish serious informative and anlytical articles,reviews and comments”about the Finer Things in Life” unfettered by any hidden financial interests.

Our guiding principle is to conduct reviews and make those distinctions that the New York Times alludes to, that will give You our reader, an “honest and fair” assessment, critique or opinion of the subject matter,….or an authoritative pronouncement or well reasoned opinion “without Fear or Favour“…

gold_coinThis may relate to Art or Fine wines, or even a restaurant or hotel review.

We accept articles,blogs,and reviews for publishing and You may participate in the life of the magazine, raise questions ,initiate debates and exchange information.

We also accept interactive information and access for Blogs, Feedback, Restaurant or Wine and Travel reports, for our City Guides or Culture and Art Guides

*However we reserve the right to reject articles and not to publish without reservation.

We thank you in advance, for your support,Your contributions, articles or sponsorship necessary to help us take this “iconic” magazine to a new Digital Age future!


Axel Ritenis

Publishing Editor & Custodian of the Connoisseur Magaz

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Aksel Ritenis

Axel is the Editor and Publisher of Connoisseur Magazine "for the Finer Things in Life" and has been the custodian of the magazine for over 10 years and leader of a team of freelance Journalists and Community Members who continue to make it all happen!-Join the Team at Connoisseur Magazine!

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