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Terms and Conditions at Connoisseur Magazine

Written by Ritenis Aksel

Terms and Conditions at Connoisseur Magazine

The following Terms and Conditions have been introduced at Connoisseur Magazine in relation to the new “Subscriber Paywall and Membership plans” introduced  on 12 June 2023 and with effect immediately.

General Terms and Conditions
Connoisseur Magazine   is a media publication (hereinafter referred to as Connoisseur Magazine   managed by Connoisseur Magazine Australia Pty.Ltd (hereinafter referred to as Connoisseur Magazine)


The rights related to the Publication and the works published therein including all Digital content including News,Articles, Digital Photo Images , Videos .Letters to the Editor,.etc.belong to the Publication or the Publication has the permission to use the works. The copyright pertaining to news ,articles and entertainment content from  our Affliliated providers ,including News, information and Entertainment Partner belongs to them.
The authors express their own views in our  articles. and content  The Publication is not responsible for the accuracy of factual statements or the justification of value judgments published in the
Publication. Therefore, the Publication is not liable for any damages resulting from actions taken or not taken based on the content of the works published in the Publication.
1.       Validity and amendment procedure of the General Terms and Conditions
1.1.    The General Terms and Conditions apply to all users.
1.2.    The Publication has the right to unilaterally amend the General Terms and Conditions under the following conditions:
1.2.1. The amendment is due to substantial or technical developments in the field;
1.2.2. The amendment is due to changes in laws or other legal circumstances.

1.3. The Publisher shall inform the subscriber of the amendment to the General Terms and Conditions at least one (1) month prior to the entry into force of the amendments.
1.4. The Publisher shall notify the subscriber of the amendment to the General Terms and Conditions on the website, by email, or by other means.
1.5. If the subscriber does not agree with the amendment to the General Terms and Conditions, they have the option to terminate the contractual relationship with the Publisher within one (1) month from the publication of the amendment. If the subscriber does not express the will to terminate the contract within one (1) month, they shall be deemed to have accepted the amended

Subscriber Rights -General Terms and Conditions.

2.    Subscriber rights

2.1. The subscriber has the right to access the Publication during the subscribed period.

2.2. The subscriber has the right to subscribe to the Publication at the price determined by the publisher and in accordance with the General Terms and

2.3. The subscriber has the right to submit claims regarding the Publication to the address [email address] within two (2) months from becoming aware of the
basis for the claim.

2.4. Claims related to subscriptions are processed retrospectively up to two (2) months from the contact with customer service.

2.5. If the publisher does not resolve the subscriber claims within a reasonable time, the subscriber may contact the relevant Consumer Protection and Regulatory Authority.

2.6. The subscriber has the right to terminate the subscription prematurely. In the case of premature termination of the subscription, the subscriber shall pay until the end of the current subscription period.

2.7. To terminate the subscription prematurely, a written application must be submitted in a form that allows reproduction, stating the subscriber and subscription details, as well as the termination date, or this termination must be done via self service portal

2.8. In the case of recurring payment subscriptions with a bank card or mobile payment, prepaid money will not be refunded.

3. Subscriber obligations

3.1. When placing an order, the subscriber is obligated to provide the necessary information for order fulfillment.

3.2. If the information provided by the subscriber is incorrect and/or incomplete, the publisher is not responsible for the improper fulfillment of the order.

3.3. The subscriber must pay for the subscription in a timely and complete manner according to the payment method chosen by the subscriber. Otherwise,
the publisher cannot guarantee the proper fulfillment of the subscription.

3.4. By placing an order, the subscriber confirms their agreement with the General Terms and Conditions and undertakes to comply with them. The validity
of the confirmation is not dependent on the channel used for placing the order.

3.5. By placing an order for a digital product, the subscriber also gives consent for the delivery of digital content and acknowledges that they thereby
waive their 14-day right of withdrawal.

3.6. The user has the right to use a personal username (email) when consuming digital products. Granting access to another person is prohibited. If the publisher identifies a violation of the requirements for consuming digital products, they have the right to suspend or terminate the subscription.

4. Recurring payment with a bank card or mobile payment

4.1. For recurring payment, the subscription is automatically extended until the subscriber changes this condition or cancels the automatic extension of the subscription.

4.2. A new order is created on the end date of the previous order.

4.3. When paying with a bank card, the monthly payment is debited from the subscribers bank account.

4.4. When paying with mobile payment, the monthly payment is added to the next months mobile bill.

4.5. For a recurring payment subscription, the conditions of the new order are taken from the previous order (recipient, payer, product, price, period, payment method), unless it is a promotional offer with a separately specified price and validity period.

4.6. In case of canceling the automatic extension of a recurring payment subscription, the subscription remains valid until the prepaid amount is exhausted.

4.7. If the subscriber cancels the recurring payment subscription, the prepaid amount will not be refunded.

4.8. The subscriber can cancel the automatic extension of a recurring payment subscription at any time by:

4.8.1. Logging into the subscription environment at

4.8.2. Sending an email to [support email address]

4.9. Promotional offers with discounted prices can be ordered once within one campaign.

5. Copyrights

5.1. The materials published in the publications (articles, photos, blog and forum entries, videos, comments, designs, etc.) are copyright-protected works within the meaning of copyright law, and copying and distributing them without the written consent of the Publication is generally prohibited.

5.2. Without the written or reproducible consent of the Publication, it is not permitted to copy, publish, or otherwise make the materials available to third
parties in their entirety or in excess of the volume permitted by legislation, on any physical or electronic medium, including social media. This rule also applies to the texts, photos, and videos on the Publications social media accounts and onthe Sydney Times YouTube Chanel. Automatic or non-automatic downloading or saving, as well as forwarding the material to any third party, including for downloading, is prohibited.

6. Referencing Materials

6.1. Works published in the Publication may be referenced or quoted up to 10 (ten) sentences without the prior consent of the Publication. The referencing or quotation must include a reference to the Publication, and the reference must include a hyperlink to the Publications website at the beginning of the citation on the web platform.

6.2. If you wish to use the works published in the Publication in any other way, please write to [support email address]. Please contact the same address if you
believe that your rights have been violated in relation to the works published in the Connoisseur Magazine  Publication.

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