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Riesling a perfect match for Singapore Kitchen!

Written by Ritenis Aksel

Riesling a perfect match for Singapore Kitchen!

As a veteran observer of Singapore’s economic and social development, (and a wine merchant and wine publisher by vocation),…I have long been observing the development of the wine and gastronomy scene in Singapore (on perhaps my 12th visit to Singapore but who is counting )  I have been constantly amazed at the “explosion of gastronomy and culinary delights” that have occurred here …in this latest developmental wave,..and I amazed by the sheer diversity and quality of food available! If this is not the food capital of the world,..I don’t know what is?

The latest wave has seen the arrival of the French and Italians,…with many many newly opened wine bars and restaurants manned by enthusiastic young chefs and sommeliers,..and other wine and food professionals ,.. intent on carving out a business niche for themselves,..and succeeding in a dynamic Singaporean economy as opposed to the stagnant European market  that many have escaped.

Modern French,. ITALIAN,.,Swiss, Tapas, many new French Bakeries and,..and even numerous new coffee shops and franchises are in evidence. Even coffee is taking off,..although local Koppeeis still available for 95 cents,… not surprising when you consider that many Singaporeans have exposure to coffee culture whilst studying in Australia or traveling.

And wine cultureis exploding as well, .needless to say there are many new Wine Bars and Stores specializing in Fine Wine (see our review of the Swiss-owned Wine Bar/Restaurant Wine Universe in ) in spite of the exorbitant import taxes and duties.

Rhetorical question – What is the best wine for the Singapore or Straits Kitchen?

It was whilst checking some of these wine bars for Connoisseur Magazine’s  forthcoming reviews  in Singapore that I was reflecting on the best wine for the Asian kitchen,…personally, whilst I enjoy French Chablis,..and I am currently drinking Austrian Gruner Veltliner, or Sancerre as my white wine tipple of choice now in preference to overblown NZ Sav Blancs,..I cannot think of a more undervalued yet appropriate wine for Singapore’s national cuisine then Riesling!

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