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Agostinis revisted – Canberra’s best “Cucina Italiana” 

Written by Aksel Ritenis

“Agostinis”- Canberra’s best “Cucina Italiana” from the Diary of Axel Ritenis

As I prepare to publish the  Diary of Axelvino-My 30 Years in the World of Wine, Art and Culture and Luxury Lifestyle(On sale soon!)

I have been editing and reformating some of the Axel’s Diary Posts on Connoisseur Magazine (various editions),..and a surprising number of which have been hacked or defaced! Such is the nature of the world we live in,.it is “full of scorn, loathing and envy”and there are thousands of Keyboard Warriors who revel in defacing digital copy,..because they can…and because they are scornful of other creativity! I regard Cybersecurity as the greatest challenge of our age (after COVID) and a low level form of warfare !


Sometimes I am amazed by my own luck,..generally when I arrive at a Vineyard or Winery to compile a review,….the sun is invariably shining,…and the curious thing is,…. that this has been going on for about 15 years,…or as long as I can remember! After numerous Wine Journalist Junkets in Italy,. Spain and France, (the stuff that every Influencer or Wine Blogger now dreams about),.. or even in my native Australia…I cannot ever recall it having rained on tour,..although I did once see plumes of smoke rising from the Mount Aetna volcano in Sicily,..in what was perhaps a warning of an incipient eruption!?!

Whether it’s Bordeaux or Puglia or Toscana,..or Rioja,..every time I go near a vineyard, winery or a Hotel Restaurant with a view to compiling a report Review or article,…the sun is invariably shining..I can only presume this is some sort of blessing from God or other powers in the universe….

So too it was when I visited Canberra recently,.. to Review the East Hotel and experience the new Winter  Dinner Menu at Agostinis.

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Aksel Ritenis

Axel is the Editor and Publisher of Connoisseur Magazine "for the Finer Things in Life" and has been the custodian of the magazine for over 10 years and leader of a team of freelance Journalists and Community Members who continue to make it all happen!-Join the Team at Connoisseur Magazine!

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