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The largest table olive competition in the heart of Europe!! London meets the Table Olive!

The largest table olive competition in the heart of Europe!!London meets the Table Olive!

**Table Olives Marketing 2022The primary objective of LITOC 2022- London Table Olive Competition is to create windows of business opportunity within the table olive sector that are to have a good marketing potential for cooperative organisations, companies, as well as individual table olive producers.

• Creating compelling propositions, content to build awareness• Customised content to generating sales• Generate affinity for your brand• Remind clients your commitment to excellence• Generate positive media coverage

London ITOC 2022-International Table Olive CompetitionLondon UK

• Quality awards of Table Olive• Packaging awards of Table Olive

PROMOTE PRODUCTS PARTICIPATING IN COMPETITIONSTable olive marketing strategists agree that brand awareness in any industry gives that company an edge. Brand awareness accomplishes several objectives for companies seeking to increase sales in the marketplace. A brand awareness campaign needs to be flexible enough to grow with the company and adjust if needed (awareness table olive). The company should seek to build customer awareness, promote its products participating in competitions and add value.London Table Olive Awards are:a) PLATINIUM AWARD of table olive (for the rates from 95,5 until 100,0)b) GOLD AWARD of table olive (for the rates from 85,5 until 95)c) SILVER AWARD of table olive (for the rates from 75,5 until 85)d) BRONZE AWARD of table olive (for the rates from 65 until 75)

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• Competition for QUALITY table olive 2022Click here: https://registrations.londonolive.com/• Competition for PACKAGING table olive 2022Click here: https://registrations.londonolive.com/For more information you can get in touch with us at:0044 (0)208 359 1388,info@londonolive.com


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