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Champagne’s Top 25 Restaurants 

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Champagne’s Top 25 Restaurants 

By Tyson Stelzer

Champagne is home to some of my favourite restaurants in the world, from intimate, homely dining to Michelin-starred decadence of the highest order. I’ve been a regular diner over the past decade and I’m constantly asked for my recommendations, so it’s high time I published my little black book for the very first time! Here’s a wrap up of my 25 favourites… 

Best of the best 

L’Assiette Champenoise 

40 avenue Paul Vaillant-Couturier 51430 Tinqueux | Ph 03 26 84 64 64 | 

Closed on Tuesday and Wednesdays (lunch and evening) all year long. 

L’Assiette Champenoise is one of Champagne’s finest hotels, and this is where we stay stay during The Champagne Tour. Arnaud Lallement presents Champagne’s most exciting and most contemporary cuisine from the region’s only 3 Michelin starred restaurant. Immaculately polished silver service delivers a modern take on French cuisine, highlighting fresh ingredients with lively flavours and refreshing balance. This is complemented by a champagne list eclipsed only by Les Crayères, presented in a tome-proportioned volume recently updated to tablets. 


Le Foch 

37 Boulevard Foch 51100 Reims | Ph 03 26 47 48 22 | 

Lundi Fermé, Mardi 12:15–13:15, 19:15–21:15, Mercredi 12:15–13:15, 19:15–21:15, Jeudi 12:15–13:15, 19:15–21:15, Vendredi 12:15–13:15, 19:15–21:15, Samedi 19:15–21:15, Dimanche 12:15–13:15 

Sheer genius in the kitchen, Le Foch is a grand display of flavours, textures and temperatures that far exceed its reasonable price. Fish is a specialty, but I’ve been delighted by everything from duck to snails. A whole Sea Bass cracked out of its clay encasement is a dramatic highlight that a well-travelled guest during The Champagne Tour named the best fish he’d ever tasted. The wine list is impressive, with a predictably extensive range of champagnes. One well-deserved Michelin star. 


Le Grand Cerf 

50 Route Nacionale 51, 51500 Montchenot | Ph 03 26 97 60 07 | 

Lundi : 12h15-14h00, 19h15-21h15, Mardi : Fermé, Mercredi : Fermé, Jeudi : 12h15-14h00, 19h15-21h15, Vendredi : 12h15-14h00, 19h15-21h15, Samedi : 12h15-14h00, 19h15-21h15, Dimanche : 12h15-14h00 

On the edge of the Montagne de Reims, The Large Deer is indeed a grand dining experience, fully deserving of its Michelin star. I haven’t had a dish here that I can’t recommend, although lobster, duck and fish with truffles are three particularly memorable highlights. Don’t miss the trilogy of entrées. 

Les Berceaux 

13 rue des Berceaux, 51200 Épernay | Ph 03 26 55 28 84 | 

Wed-Sun, DEJEUNER : 12h – 14h, DÎNER : 19H – 21H 

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