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Written by Aksel Ritenis

“Coffee Connoisseur”-What You should know about Coffee!


An enticing aroma, a welcoming environment and an original, authentic experience is what COFFEE is all about!

Most Cafes aim to deliver a purer coffeehouse experience than generic chains like Starbucks’s can’t, eliminating distracting jargon and marketing gimmicks and bring the focus back to what’s important – the coffee itself.

Coffee Styles


Espresso preparation is simple: steam and freshwater (95°C) with a great pressure goes through the coffee in 20 seconds creating a concentrated, mellow beverage that is served in small portions. As a result of the huge pressure the top of the espresso is covered with golden brown foam.

Espresso ristretto
Concentrated espresso whose preparation requires the use of an especially high-quality Arabica. The classical Italian ristretto – the strongest coffee. For its preparation, the same amount of coffee is used as for the espresso and half of the water amount (15 ml).

Espresso Macchiato
In translation from Italian macchiato means “spot” or “labeled”. So you can say that the espresso macchiato is “labeled” with feathery milk foam.

Espresso con Panna
Espresso with a saturated aroma that is hidden underneath a cap of whipped cream.

Espresso Romano
Espresso with a juicy slice of lemon.

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