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Announcement from Connoisseur Publisher Axel Ritenis-“LIMIT imposed ON SIGNING FOLLOWERS after exceeding 30,000″on LINKEDIN

Written by Ritenis Aksel

Announcement from Connoisseur Publisher Axel Ritenis-“LIMIT imposed ON SIGNING FOLLOWERS after exceeding 30,000”


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I have had a LIMIT imposed ON SIGNING FOLLOWERS after exceeding 30,000 on my personal LINKEDIN account,… so please join me on Connoisseur MAGAZINE instead!

I REGRET TO ADVISE ,that I have now exceeded the 30,000 CONNECTIONS LIMIT imposed by LINKEDIN ,…so I cannot accept any more invitations to connect with new Followers!

As You will be aware Your LinkedIn profile is a great way to to promote yourself as a professional as it can highlight your professional achievements, job experience and topics which interest you.

However in my case ,…my involvement on Linkedin has always been about Promoting a Publishing Enterprise,.to wit the Iconic Connoisseur MAGAZINE !,…

….and this alone explains the presence of the many and impressive or accomplished individuals and industry leaders of the Wine Business and Luxury Lifestyle or Arts & Culture sector being connected to me ,.

..In essence they are not really followers of mine personally (but rather followers of the Connoisseur Editor ,..who might change),.. so more accurately they identify with the Connoisseur MAGAZINE Brand ,..because in “the Art world or Wine and Luxury sectors”,.. the word “Connoisseur “ an integral part of any conversation!!!!


When you connect with me,.. you are in effect connecting to Connoisseur Magazine (through me as Editor).,..and not me personally!!

So in the interim I am asking all Followers to join our Linkedin Company page ,..or better still,…

SIGN UP TO RECEIVE A NEWSLETTER from Connoisseur MAGAZINE,..and join the Connoisseur Community.

You can ACCESS  and CONTRIBUTE to Connoisseur MAGAZINE Content on the following Magazine websites: ( United Kingdom and Europe) (United States) Asia and China)

The NEWSLETTER SIGNUP procedure will be emailed to You in the next weeks.

(The Sign up page and Login instructions will be e-mailed to you for your approval/rejection )

*Should you have any questions in advance you can e-mail me personally at

By JOINING the Connoisseur Magazine TRADE Community , will be able to stay in touch with like minded colleagues and friends in the Wine or Luxury Sector and keep abreast of all the News.

* I don’t mind telling you that the Connoisseur Sites will have a renewed emphasis on Industry News and we will introduce a special TRADE NEWSsection !!

PERHAPS MORE IMPORTANTLY ,…You will be able to contribute Publicity Content or Information of relevance to the Community on the Connoisseur MAGAZINE Platform.

Looking forward to working together with you and being part of the Connoisseur Community!

Yours faithfully,

Axel Ritenis

Publisher and Custodian

The Connoisseur MAGAZINE  Trademark


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