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Written by Aksel Ritenis
Plachutta-logoFor many Austrian and international customers, Plachutta is the quintessence of the Viennese quality cuisine. Especially because of their first-class beef specialties, the family-run Viennese restaurants are famous outside the national boundaries. This is no surprise, for only high quality meat from selected farmers and the best ingredients are for Ewald Plachutta and his topnotch team good enough for their customers. That’s why Plachutta has become the “Emperor of Beef”.

Plachutta- Wollzeile WintergardenLocal gourmets willing to introduce their international guests to the real Viennese cuisine are always seen at Plachutta, the only place where the most authentic Austrian specialties can be found. Not to mention the many international VIPs from all over the world, who go into raptures over the culinary pleasures that only Plachutta can offer in Vienna. Such as, for example, legendary star cook Paul Bocuse, John Malkovich, Charlton Heston, only to mention a few.

Star restaurateur Ewald Plachutta has become famous mostly thanks to its legendary Viennese Tafelspitz. There’s a lot more in menu, though. Typical Austrian dishes such as Schulterscherzel, Mageres Meisel, Hüferscherzel, Tafelstück, Gustostückerln (an exquisite selection of different beef cuts) as well as the more substantial variations of Beinfleisch (thin ribs), Kruspelspitz (pot roast), Mario PlachuttaKavalierspitz (rib roast) or the Lueger Topf (with ox meat, calf head and cow tongue) and also salted tongue are served in a copper pan with substantial portions of beef broth, root vegetables, marrow bone slices, apple with horseradish, chives sauce, roast potatoes and freshly baked brown bread. The famous Wiener Schnitzel from veal and the roast beef with onions, as well as other local specialties, are of course always present. And at Plachutta steak fans can also be treated to specialties ranging from the classic pepper steak and tasty churrasco steak to the fine variations such as the ox steak with olives, mozzarella and tomatoes or the fillet steak with exquisite tarragon-butter sauce.

Plachuttas TafelspitzIt goes without saying that also the atmosphere must be in tune with the excellent cuisine; and at Plachutta we can say that one feels great right from the start. The pleasant ambience fits many an occasion, be it a business lunch, a family party or a rendezvous for two. The service is friendly and competent and owner Mario Plachutta, son and successor of Ewald Plachutta, takes great pleasure in looking after his customers personally. Plachutta is open daily, hence a trip for a good meal will never end before a closed door.

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