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Alma Resort Cam Ranh’ Looks to the Community, Sustainability and Wellness For 2024

Written by Staff Writer

Alma Resort Cam Ranh’ looks to the  Community, Sustainability and Wellness For 2024

CAM RANH, Vietnam December 6, 2023

Community involvement, protecting the environment and wellbeing make for a winning trifecta for hotels in the new year, says a lifelong hotelier.

Alma Resort Cam Ranh’s managing director Herbert Laubichler-Pichler said his team had created compelling experiences for 2024 to encourage holidaymakers to volunteer alongside the resort and give back to local communities. For example, guests spend a morning with volunteers who cook meals and feed disadvantaged school children after class in a nearby community.

“Some holidaymakers like to kick back by the pool, and that’s perfectly fine, but we understand others are keen to bring extra depth to their trip in a kind-hearted way,” he said. “We’ve organised some half- and full-day volunteering opportunities for guests and staff. You get a real sense of the local community and feel rewarded doing your bit to help.”



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