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Simplified Luxury at ORMOND Chowkit in Kuala Lumpur

Written by Ritenis Aksel

Simplified Luxury at ORMOND Chowkit in Kuala Lumpur

-Described by many travellers as a Stylish hotel it is perhaps the best Boutique hotel in the heart of KL

The Chow Kit rethinks the notion of luxury for the contemporary traveller. They  believe that the greatest luxury is a life lived with comfort, purpose and balance – the sense that you are not bothered with frivolity, but focused on what matters most. Ditching the  unnecessary and just keeping the essentials, is simplified luxury.This is evocative of the now post-covid  wisdom – Less is More!Located in the bustling heart of old Kuala Lumpur, The Chow Kit is a traveller’s sanctuary, but not only just for rest – also for exploration and inspiration.


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