Wine and Gastronomy adventures at the Monsoon Valley Winery in Siam

Written by Ritenis Aksel

Wine and Gastronomy adventures at the Monsoon Valley Winery in Siam

Monsoon Valley is Thailand’s largest vineyard, boasting a diverse collection of over 10 grape varietals. Spanning approximately 300 rai (100 hectares) of plantation area, this picturesque vineyard produces and exports over 300,000 bottles of wine annually. The vineyard offers an exquisite dining experience at The Sala, where delicious cuisine and superb wines are complemented by breathtaking views of the vineyard. Additionally, visitors can enjoy a day of family fun, exploring the vineyard on bike rides, embarking on vineyard tours, and visiting the on-site elephant sanctuary, home to two majestic elephants.

On my arrival I was met by the restaurant manager, Angwara (Apple), who gave me a comprehensive tour of the vineyard, explaining in detail  how Monsoon Valley vineyard started and how it has developed into the award winning vineyard it has become in less than 20 years. I would definitely recommend a tour of the vineyard regardless of season,.. as you can  learn so much about the history and the operations of the vineyard.

Thailand is known for its  hospitality but not generally known for their wines but  thanks to hard work and innovation,..   The Monsoon Valley Vineyard near Hua Hin (on the coast of Thailand) has finally helped to put this country on the Global Wine Map.

One American tourist commented:

We loved this place. It’s a Napa Valley remake just outside Hua Hin!  Superb gallery architecture overlooking the vineyards, nice wine and excellent food. Great service too. Never imagined we would be drinking such great wine in Hua Hin,Thailand !”

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