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Experience world-class hospitality at Royal Kamuela Villas & Suites at Monkey Forest Ubud, Bali

Written by Aksel Ritenis

Experience world-class hospitality at Royal Kamuela Villas & Suites at Monkey Forest Ubud, Bali

*Written by Axel Ritenis, Editor-Sydney Times


“KAMUELA VILLAS are designed for unique romantic and family holidays alike, pleasing each of the five senses and creating everlasting memories through highly personalized service reminiscent of twenty-first-century Southeast Asia. Whether it is the finely manicured exotic surrounding gardens, inviting furniture pieces, or the creative architecture, This Hotel is  crafted to the finest quality standards. Rich in sophistication, natural beauty, and elegance, KAMUELA means Bali getaway at its best.”


Royal Kamuela Villas & Suites at Monkey Forest – Ubud boasts 12 luxurious pool villas, 3 suites with pool access and 15 suites with balcony overlooking the tropical garden and outdoor swimming pool featuring a whole host of luxurious services and facilities, including a full-service wellness center, private butlers for each separate villa, and a stylish restaurant set amidst the backdrop of lush tropical gardens.

A short walk from the busy and noisy centre, the hotel is set back from the busy streets, nestled between ‘Bisma’ and ‘Monkey Forest’, with an entrance on both streets. The villas are on the ‘Monkey Forest’ road, whereas the suites restaurant, pool and bar on the opposite side of the river on the ‘Bisma’ road side, but the Hotel itself the hotel is “like an oasis of tranquility”

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