Cité du Vin unveils its new Permanent exhibition

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Cité du Vin unveils its new Permanent exhibition

After more than a month of work, Cité du Vin is opening the doors of its new Permanent exhibition to the public on Saturday 4 February 2023. For the first time since the opening of the Cité du Vin in Bordeaux in 2016, the Permanent exhibition has been extensively redesigned and modified to include new staging, digital equipment and multimedia content. At the heart of the Cité du Vin experience, the Permanent exhibition uses digital and interactive technologies to bring to life the great adventure of wine through the ages and across the continents. History, viticulture, oenology, the art of living… wine can be discovered in its many facets in 18 different themed areas. This large- scale project is part of an overall programme to renew the cultural offer at the Cité du Vin, providing visitors with an ever-more original and unforgettable experience.

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The Permanent exhibition, an invitation on a journey to discover the world of wine!

The 3,000 m² Permanent exhibition uses digital and interactive technologies to bring to life the great adventure of wine, which has inspired people and shaped their lives and their regions over thousands of years. History, geography, art, viticulture, oenology, the art of living… wine can be discovered in its many facets in 18 different themed areas, to be explored freely (on the 2nd floor of the building). The visitor, alternately active or a spectator, seated or standing, experiences a multitude of individual and collective experiences which are educational, fun, immersive, multisensory, and each more surprising than the last, with the help of the essential “Digital exhibition guide”, a device that triggers animations and plays commentary in a choice of eight languages (French, Chinese, Dutch, English, German, Ital-ian, Spanish and, new in 2023, Portuguese).

18 thematic areas to visit

Based on a new scientific and cultural project with a strong focus on the living world and on people, the Foundation for wine culture and civilisations (which manages and develops the Cité du Vin), assisted by a multidisciplinary creative team from varied backgrounds, has devised a 2023 version of the Permanent Exhibition divided into 6 Universes and made up of 18 thematic spaces and a monumental work of art.

Agence Clémence Farrell (staging and exhibition space design) and Muséomaniac (design of digital installations and production direction) accompanied by Ich&Kar studio, The Mill (writing, storyboard, audiovisual) and Ilusio (animations, multimedia) worked on the new thematic modules requiring a change of staging and renewal of the content. To design and produce customised and innovative audiovisuals without changing the staging, the Foundation for Wine Culture and Civilisations called on Sim&Sam, Les Films d’ici, Clap 35, Blue Yeti and The Mill.

• Vineyards from the skies A breathtaking journey to discover the incredible diversity of wine-growing landscapes around the world and their beauty, through projection on 3 giant screens and extended to floor level.
• The world of wine -A large planisphere to understand the distribution of vineyards around the planet, an A to Z of countries with key figures on their wine-producing activity, and two globes to present the great diversity of grape varieties around the world and how the climate is an essential factor for the cultivation of the vine.
• Terroirs of the world -10 winegrowers from 10 regions of the world present the specific character of their terroir and its impact on their wines.
• The vine- A spectacular animated vine demonstrates the interaction between the soil, the plant and the bunches.
The exhibit also has 4 screens dedicated to vineyard work, while on the facing wall, the different grape varieties of the world are displayed in all their diversity!
• Winemaking -All the secrets of winemaking on an interactive wall that explains the path from grape to wine, from reception of the harvest to the cellar. A floor projection of a vat with bunches also allows visitors, in a virtual and interactive way, to tread the grapes like in the past.
• The six wine families 6 giant bottles, each devoted to a broad family of wines, explore three themes: the production, tasting and service associated with each type of wine.
• The vine-grower’s year From the vine to the bottle, a year in images to follow the creation of a vintage, both in the vineyard and in the cellar. A musical film with overhead staging and 360°
projections that can be watched from the comfort of a seat!
• The gallery of civilisations- From Egyptian tombs through Greek banquets to 18th century suppers and the present day, a labyrinth to go back in time and meet the greatest wine civilisations.
• Wine trend alley- A dive into the 21st century to follow the latest innovations and recent trends in the world of wine, a mirror of changing society.
• The buffet of the five senses -Discovery of the keys to tasting through a fun and olfactory journey around the aromas and colours of wine.
• Action! When cult films remind us that wine is at the heart of our social exchanges and moments of conviviality.
• Good to know! A step-by-step guide to preparation, service and tasting, involving specific tools and gestures. In a humorous and offbeat tone and through a multi-screen exhibit, a film reveals the keys to successful service!

• Modulor This giant corkscrew, the work of Lilian Bourgeat, challenges and amuses visitors during their visit. The ideal place for a photo to immortalise your discovery of the Permanent Exhibition.
• Dinner is served! An immersive show around cooking, dining and wine service takes the visitor into magical worlds! Seated around a banquet table, the guests take part in a dreamlike and magical show, made up of mappings and projections.
• Wine and me Interactive terminals, interviews with experts, games and quizzes to understand your relationship with wine in a fun way.
• Along the rivers 5 animated paintings present the great river and maritime routes used for centuries to transport wine.
• Wine conquering the world Embark on a 50-seat boat, in the heart of a sensory space with smells, sounds, images and animations to discover wine transport through the ages: from ancient boats to modern container ships… and even space freighters!
• The Bordeaux vineyards A relief map comes alive with humour to show the different regions, appellations and features of the Bordeaux vineyard.
• The epic tale of Bordeaux A spectacular film reveals how a land of mythical wines was born from a major trading port.

Neo-Experience 2023, the renewal of the Permanent exhibition

The renewal of part of the staging, digital equipment and multimedia productions in the Permanent exhibition results from the Neo Experience 2023 programme, implemented thanks to the financial support of Europe and the Nouvelle-Aquitaine Region, as part of the European Union response to the Covid-19 pandemic, along with funding from Bordeaux Métropole, the City of Bordeaux, patrons, and other resources specific to the Foundation for wine culture and civilisations. Its goal is to allow the Cité du Vin to renew a major part of its cultural offer and equipment, to maintain its appeal, improve visitor experience and satisfaction, and respond to current environmental and societal issues.

About the Cité du Vin:

Located in Bordeaux, the Cité du Vin is a cultural venue, unique in the world, and dedicated to wine.
With its interactive Permanent Exhibition based on digital technologies, its various tasting experiences, its cultural events and practical facilities (shops, restaurants), the Cité du Vin honours
the vineyards of the whole world through their cultural, civilisational, heritage and universal dimensions.

Visitors from all walks of life (beginners, wine lovers, professionals, families and young people, companies, French and international…), are invited on a spectacular journey around the world, across the ages, in all cultures!

The 4th most visited museum outside the Île-de-France region, certified “Tourisme & Handicap” since its opening, “Sustainable Entertainment” in 2022, and “NF environment – Visitor sites” in 2021, the Cité du Vin is managed and developed by the Foundation for Wine Culture and Civilisations (a public interest foundation) whose mission is to make the universal and living heritage of wine accessible to the widest possible audience.

The Cité du Vin is open every day from 10 a.m.

Practical information & prices:

Support cultural seasons at the Cité du Vin:
Thanks to individual and corporate donors, the Foundation for Wine Culture and Civilisations can offer a rich and varied cultural programme at the Cité du Vin throughout the year.


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