CHILE remains leading “New World Wine” Exporter- developing Fine Wine sector

Written by Aksel Ritenis

CHILE remains leading “New World Wine” Exporter- developing Fine Wine sector



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CHILE continues its ascendancy as a leading “New World Wine” exporter adding a fabulous range of exciting new Fine Wines to its repertoire ,…  to complement the more commercial wines,and this  is  likely to continue into the forceable future.

I attended a well organized PRO-CHILE Seminar Masterclass and Reception/Tastingwith Thai wine professionals,.. and some Chilean based Wine producers/representatives  also present in Bangkok earlier this week.I need to mention that  His Excellency Javier Becker, Chilean Ambassador to Thailand,..who is “obviously a passionate advocate of his countries wines” was also present and ensured the wines were showcased in good fashion and mingled with the keen afficianados and wine local wine trade.I think everyone was impressed with the diverse range of Fine Wines increasingly being produced which are now coming on stream  in major export markets.

I must confess that I have lost touch with the Chilean wine sector so the Tasting of so many  excellent  wines/brands as Cremaschi Furloti, SIEGEL, Puenta Austral, Viu Manente,VIBO and Bottero,..was quite a revelation and it is something of a challenge to familiarise oneself further with  the rapidly changing Chilean Fine Wine or Premium offering

According to Chilean Trade Commission figures *Chile export around 55 million cases per annum.. an increase of 25 million cases since 2004,..(as at 2014-15),..  at the same time Australia has lost its early ascendancy and has according to the Chilean figures,..dropped from approximately  60 million cases in 2004 down to approx. 36 million cases in 2014,.. a drop of almost half!?

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