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Champagne Guide for Connoisseurs

Written by Aksel Ritenis

Champagne Guide for Connoisseurs 

Written and compiled by Axel Ritenis,Editor in Chief ,Connoisseur Magazine


The New Year is a time for celebration and much excitement as we celebrate with friends and family, and either Non Vintage or vintage Champagne are equally appropriate!


“Champagne has that utterly cool seductive and socially transformative quality, doesn’t it?” The satisfying pop of the cork announces the release of aromas and flavours that have been years in the making.

But how do you make the most of the potential in the bottle? Please take your bubbles seriously! Sure, it demands that we approach the enjoyment seriously, pay attention, and “notice its delightful intricacies and characteristics.” Starting with the golden hue, and the beguiling sight “of the effusive bead sparkling to the top of the glass.” But in return, it yields, unfurls, and reveals layers of flavour. Citrussy-Lemony chardonnay aromas, Brioche and pattisserie aromas (sometimes black forest fruits from the Pinot Roses), stewed apple, toasty and yeasty aromas, perhaps a hint of almond and certainly some hints of mushroom in older vintage wines.

The Finest Wines of ChampagneChampagne bottle BollingerChampagne poster Mauzan

Obviously I’m talking about fine Champagne here – the stuff made by the better Champagne House. Quality varies dramatically producer to producer “ranging from sublime to magnificent”, the leading producers seldom disappoint! I tend to think sometimes, that it is “liquid decadence in a glass” yet somehow at the same time “one senses a degree of restraint and purpose” when consuming this delightful liquid.

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Aksel Ritenis

Axel is the Editor and Publisher of Connoisseur Magazine "for the Finer Things in Life" and has been the custodian of the magazine for over 10 years and leader of a team of freelance Journalists and Community Members who continue to make it all happen!-Join the Team at Connoisseur Magazine!

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