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Vintage Champagne & Food Matching-Interview with Enrico Bernardo World Champion Sommelier 2004

Written by Aksel Ritenis

Enrico Bernardo

*Interview with Enrico Bernardo World Champion Sommelier 2004

*From the Connoisseur Archives,…This interview was first published in 2010!

From the very beginning, Enrico was fascinated and puzzled by the notions of balance, consistency, and harmony. His enthusiasm combined with a high level of professionalism has been his guide in the business. Always alert and curious, he is perpetually feeding his great passion: wine. In this way, he decides to discover the world to be on the look-out for new wines: “The discovery of the wines of the world is the discovery of the men of the world and mischievously, I would say that, in fact, is the best fruit of the vine”.
In october 2004, Enrico Bernardo, at the age of only twenty seven, became the youngest ever World Champion Sommelier. Never before had this happened and his achievement was highly acclaimed internationally.


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