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First Light
Break of dawn. A gentle light steals over the landscape, grass glistens and lakes, sea and rivers twinkle in the first rays of sun. This time of day is exceptionally mesmerising at Belmond, surrounded by some of the world’s most breathtaking natural wonders. We’re thrilled to have partnered with Leica Sport Optics to create beautiful dawn experiences. Together with Leica’s experts, we’ll show you the world in crystal detail, and in its very best light.


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FRANCE captured by Tibo Dhermy
captured by Tibo Dhermy
Soft golden light highlighting the details of an ancient château. Dewy flowers lining the riverbank. Crisp air mingling with gentle birdsong, chirping insects and the lull of the ebbing waves. With the slow and peaceful flow of life on the river, dawn is made even more sensational.
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TUSCANY captured by Marco Corsino
captured by Marco Corsino
Discover our leafy estate in the hush of daybreak, spotting wildlife in its natural habitat before the rest of the world wakes up. Wind through vineyards and olive groves, oak forests and fields of rapeseed. Glimpse hares, deer and foxes, colourful pheasants and wild boar.
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IRELAND captured by Luke Massey
captured by Luke Massey
Experience the charms of the Emerald Isle at daybreak. After an early start, disembark from the train. Head out with our experts to see the rugged Irish landscape through the filter of soft, golden light.
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CAPE TOWN captured by Michael
captured by Michael Edwards
Climb towering Table Mountain at first light, as dawn illuminates the sparkling sea below. Spot beautiful birds and small mammals among the wondrous flora of the fynbos. Early morning views over the city and Lion’s Head will leave you entranced.
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