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Has the Grower Bubble Burst? 

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Has the Grower Bubble Burst? 

Is this the beginning of the end of the grower producer? 

Forces are at play that threatens the survival of Champagne’s grower-producers. Global economies, erratic harvests, incentives from négociants and even the French taxation system itself are driving growers to sell all their fruit, some to relinquish their status and become négociants, and others to sell up altogether. Are our beloved champagne growers on a path to extinction? 

The rise of the grower-producer has revolutionized this generation in Champagne. Recent decades have seen the little guy step forward to demonstrate that top champagne is no longer the exclusive realm of the big players. Champagne is not just oceanic blends from everywhere, but single crus and individual vineyards tended, crafted, matured and presented lovingly to the world by the same pair of hands. 

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