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Tyson Stelzer invites You to A night with a chef de cave – chez Vous!

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Tyson Stelzer invites You to A night with a “chef de cave “- chez Vous!

In response to our “new normal”, Tyson Stelzer has great pleasure in inviting you to welcome champagne’s top chef de caves to a tasting at your place!

Join Tyson for a series of webinars over the coming months as he introduces you to champagne’s most famous houses and most celebrated growers.

“Champagne provides the ultimate opportunity to connect, and with social distancing and isolation becoming our new abnormal, perhaps such opportunities for connection have never been more pertinent? Let’s not let lockdown stop us from interacting over some fabulous bottles!”

Wherever you are bunkered down in the world right now, “pop a bottle or two and tune in with Tyson to continue your champagne journey!”

Upcoming virtual events:

-A night with Billecart-Salmon’s Antoine Roland-Billecart – Chez Vous! On the 1st May 2020

-A night with Krug’s Olivier Krug – Chez Vous! On the 15th  of May 2020

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