LONDON WINE FAIR must now be in serious doubt with Global Corona Virus shutdown

Written by Ritenis Aksel

 “LONDON WINE FAIR Organizers need to take a reality check!” 

Editorial Comment by Axel Ritenis

Connoisseur Magazine
I am glad to see that the organizers of the great London Wine Trade Fair “saw the writng on the wall and Postponed the event rather late in the piece!

LONDON WINE TRADE FAIR Organizers need to take a reality check as the Global shutdown is now predicted to last for months

As Donald Trump is predicted to announce a travel Ban on travel from the UK,..and as more and more countries announce Travel bans and Lockdowns including Spain ,.. Italy and France it is looking increasingly ridiculous and shortsighted that Brintex the organizers of the London Wine Trade Fair haven’t taken action to announce the inevitable postponement of the London Wine Trade Fair.

Naturally after the postponement of other Wine Exhibitions such as PROWEIN in Dusseldorf,.. the British organizers must be “hoping against hope” that they can keep their exhibition on track and extricate some commercial advantage. by actually running the London Trade Fair and adopting a “wait and see approach” and that is fair enough..

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