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Champagne Quiz Winner -Caroline Abbott searching for a Wine International Sales/Export Manager opportunity

Written by Aksel Ritenis

Champagne Quiz Winner is “Caroline Abbott” ON THE MARKET  for a ‘Wine International Sales/Export Manager opportunity’



Caroline was born and raised in Madrid, but as both of her parents are American she was always juggling cultural contexts and grew up with one foot on each continent. Upon graduating with a BS in Entrepreneurship and Management in Boston in 2011, she chose the artisanal wine and spirits career path.

After years of working behind the bar, in front of the house, and promotional gigs, she continued to engage with people in each sector. She became Market Manager at Inspired Beverage, a Boston-based beverage brokerage firm, in 2014, and ultimately decided the wine world was where her future lay. In 2017, Caroline aspired to see more of the world, eventually choosing to live in Australia in 2018.

She obtained high marks on the CSW (Certified Specialist of Wine) and CSS (Certified Specialist of Spirits) certificates in Boston from 2015-16 and the WSET 3 Award in Wines (Passed with Distinction) in Melbourne. In addition, she persevered with further study of French and Italian.

Ironically, working with wine importer The Spanish Acquisition in Melbourne led her to take the leap back to her native country. Meanwhile, she launched her bilingual translations business, Vinotations, in response to the high demand and scarcity of native-level English material for Spanish wineries. She is interested in Export and International Sales, learning what markets demand, and the stimulating challenge of meeting and surpassing their expectations.

Currently, she resides in Madrid and is on the lookout for open international sales positions whilst continuing to develop Vinotations. To contact her for a quote, ask a question, or simply to chat over a glass of wine, you can connect with her at:



The LinkedIn profile you may acces as follows: https://www.linkedin.com/in/caroline-abbott-030b6417/

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