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Inaugural MILAN WINE WEEK 2018 -From 7 to 14 October

Written by Ritenis Aksel

*MILAN WINE WEEK 2018 From 7 to 14 October a rich series of events dedicated to fans and to insiders!

About the Wine Week

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The city of Milan is host its very first Milano Wine Week offering  7 full days packed with tastings, talks, conferences and initiatives on the multi-faceted world of wine, held in different locations and finding their beating heart in Palazzo Bovara (near Porta Venezia). The event – which follows a brand-new format – is held in contemporary with the well-established ‘La Vendemmia di Via Montenapoleone’, an important initiative “with a focus on  top quality and luxury labels.”

Conversely from what many can think, Milano Wine Week is not an alternative to Vinitaly, the major wine fair held in the city of Vicenza, but more likely a new initiative to promote the knowledge of Italian wine within Italy for a predoominantly Italian domestic audience. Milano Food week, indeed, is not a fair displaying new-ins in the sector, but a festival developed around the different meanings of wine in Italy and, more precisely, in Milan.

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