RODA: the revolution continues

Written by Ritenis Aksel

RODA: the revolution continues

Founded in 1987, Bodegas RODA celebrated its 30th anniversary last year in 2017,… and  now remains firmly established as the most modern of the great Rioja classics!

The winery was among the first to recognize the value of old vines and rediscover the essence of traditional winegrowing while introducing new ideas to become a model of 21st-century Rioja wines.Working with 70 hectares of company-owned vineyards and 50 owned by external suppliers, the winery currently produces a range of four wines: RODA, RODA I, CIRSION and SELA

Whilst RODA celebrated its  30th anniversary it is  by now established as one of the most exemplary wineries in the D.O.C. Rioja appellation. The winery’s embrace of Rioja’s traditional winegrowing model distinguished it from the start. RODA distanced itself from the trend that dominated the region in the 1980s, which pushed globalized and productivity-oriented winemaking criteria.Combining a clear commitment to innovation with a deep respect for the traditions of this historical region, RODA was the very first to revive the essence of Rioja’s winemaking identity from a contemporary perspective.These founding principles and the swift recognition garnered by the project made RODA a model of modernity, with other wineries soon adopting its criteria, thus contributing to a new interpretation of Rioja wine. Given RODA’s crucial role at a time when the region’s viticulture underwent significant changes, the winery is now considered a classic: the youngest of the great Riojas.

A project with a solid foundation

It all began in June 1987, when Mario Rotllant and Carmen Daurella, two entrepreneurs with experience in wine distribution, bought a winegrowing estate outside the Rioja town of Haro. They started the company Bodegas El Calado, later renamed Bodegas RODA, an acronym made up of the first syllables of each owner’s last name.

The decision to set up the winery in Barrio de la Estación—Haro’s Station District and the epicenter of Rioja winemaking since 1877—was no coincidence. After all, the area is home to the appellation’s oldest and most iconic wineries, and the project is steeped in a strong identification with Rioja’s winemaking roots. However, the winery also introduced a new approach to champion the virtues of the region’s old vineyards through innovative winemaking techniques that always put quality first.

During the early stages, RODA relied on the support of Félix Alonso, a local winegrower who brought his vineyards to the new project. From the very start, the winery invested significantly in all areas to ensure the best technical and professional resources to produce and position its wines. Its young team was another aspect that set RODA apart at the outset.

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