Raimonds Tomsons of “Vincents” RIGA,…wins European Sommelier Championship 2017

Written by Aksel Ritenis

Raimonds Tomsons, 36, who is a popular and well known Riga based sommelier working at the legendary  Vincents Restaurant (with noted Chef Martins Ritins), won the prize recently in Vienna where the competition was based,.. after a “gruelling final round of competition  tasks”  that went on for several hours.

After starting out as an assistant waiter at Vincents restaurant, Tomsons became its chief sommelier in 2006, and has been in an ideal position to learn and develop his knowledge base ,..by developing a superb wine list and offering some of the most prestigious and iconic wine brands to Vincent’s sophisticated  and  demanding clientele comprised of EU officials,.local Politicians and the occasional oligarch, and local millionaires not to mention well informed expats and visiting celebrities.

“The famous Celebrity Chef Martins Ritins has probably cooked for more Nato, Presidential or Diplomatic event dinners then any other Chef in Europe,….. and Tomsons has been actively involved in  selecting and serving the wine.”

The list of VIP Celebrity guests  at Vincents includes Prince Charles,.David Cameron, Elton John and many others..

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