Chapon Chocolatier, The history of a man: “completely chocolate’’.

Written by Aksel Ritenis


“You don’t just taste a Chapon chocolate, you cherish the memory forever”.

From the age of seven Patrice Chapon frequented the world of gastronomy. Whilst he studied design and architecture , his training inevitably led him to the discovery of a world of sweet savours and at one stage was an ice-cream maker at the Royal Court of Buckingham Palace where he excelled at the art of making sorbets and icecreams from there he progressed to the Harrods shop window with sugar and sweets.

After returning to France he discovers his true métier, and establishes a chocolate shop on Mozart Ave in the 16th arrondisement. Then another follows in 2005 in Rue du bac. For Chapon, no detail is too small. He develops intricate and beautiful packaging and visits the cocoa plantations every year. He takes delight in revisting the standard recipes in order to conceive more classical chocolates. Pralines with spices ,ganaches with Chinese Tea, or with Basil are novelties in the French chocolate universe.


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