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Technical innovation and perfection. Aesthetic refinement and style. To house its manufacture-made L.U.C movements, Chopard created a collec­tion of timepieces featuring a resolutely masculine design. Watches dedicated to discerning men who are passionate about “Haute Horlogerie” and exclu­sive mechanical movements. From the classic chronometer L.U.C 1860 to the prestigious “Tourbillon”, each L.U.C watch is distinguished by a perfect bal­ance between technical craftsmanship, function and design.


The Cartier Watch, known as “The House of Cartier” was originally a jewelry boutique, founded in 1847 by Louis-Francois Cartier. About 50 years later, his three grandsons were success­fully managing Cartier watch boutiques in Paris, London and New York. The Cartier “Santos” is recognized as the first true Cartier wristwatch. Named af­ter Alberto Santos-Dumont, a dashing Brazilian aviator, the Cartier “Santos ” series was introduced in 1904. Jew­eled Cartier “Santos” wristwatches soon followed after the success of the original “Santos”. Louis Cartier later created and patented the deployment-folding clasp for the Cartier “Santos” series in 1910. The Cartier “Santos” watch shows sturdiness and beautiful workmanship that will always be con­sidered classic.


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