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Sicilian Idyll

Michael Edwards
Written by Aksel Ritenis

Michael EdwardsIn early March, I finally made it to Sicily. I wasn’t disappointed. It’s a magical island, the largest in the Med, fascinating in its traces of Moorish, Norman and Piedmontese domination down the centuries. And it has magnetic attractions all its own: dramatic mountains, deep blue seascapes, historic Baroque cities, fabulous fish markets and spectacular food, especially the sauced fish pastas and the desserts. There are vineyards everywhere, of course, the grapes on the plains ripening too quickly under a fierce summer sun. So it’s not surprising that the best Sicilian wines come from cooler vineyards at higher altitudes.

The aristocratic Tasca d’Almerita family, owners of the superb Regaleali estate at Sclafani, know this better than anyone. Far from the sea, at an altitude of 1,500 – 2,300 feet, Regaleali has an ideal microclimate with a positive difference of temperatures between night and day that allows for a preservation of the grapes’ full aromatic spread. No Tasca white shows such generous, pure and scented flavours as the Nozze d’Oro. The first vintage was released in 1984 to commemorate Count Giuseppe Tasca’s golden wedding anniversary and marriage to his wife, Franca. It has always been a perfect wine with ewe’s milk cheese from the estate’s own flock of sheep.

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