Bentley celebrates Pride in the North West with uniquely wrapped car

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Bentley celebrates Pride in the North West with uniquely wrapped car

  • One-of-a-kind Continental GTC designed specifically to celebrate the LGBTQ+ community and diversity in all its forms
  • Eye-catching convertible launches in Bentley’s hometown, at Crewe Pride, 6 July
  • Fourth dedicated Pride Car uniquely created by Designer Rich Morris, featuring Progress flag colours
  • Design continues the story of the Unifying Spur, focusing on acceptance and celebrating our differences
  • Bentley will be attending Crewe, Nantwich and Manchester Pride events and community outreach activities, as part of the year-round support for the LGBTQ+ community
  • LGBTQ+ colleagues, their partners and allies linked to Bentley network taking part in colourful parades

(Crewe, 5 July 2024) Bentley Motors has today reconfirmed its year-round support for the LGBTQ+ community with the fourth dedicated Pride Car, uniquely wrapped for the North West Pride parades in the UK. Specially created by Designer Rich Morris, the brightly coloured Continental GTC represents love, new life, and acceptance.

The eye-catching convertible features colour and linework inspired by the original Unifying Spur. A chaotic single black line covers the car with faces emerging from the scribble. This symbolises the negative emotions that a person can go through when trying to come to terms with who they are, whether that is their gender or sexuality. This is covered by bright splashes of paint from the progressive Pride flag colour pallet which covers the car, inspired by Holi, the Hindu festival of colour, which celebrates spring, love, and new life. The colours cover the faces to show how make up and styling can be used to help an individual become the person they want to be. This promotes a world where LGBTQ+ people are free to live and love without prejudice, in a culture that is universally celebrated.

Colleagues, along with their partners and allies linked to the colleague-led Bentley network will take part in the Crewe, Nantwich, and Manchester Pride parades, helping to reinforce the message that the company has a culture where all employees feel comfortable bringing their true, authentic selves to the workplace.The parades themselves celebrate the progress made whilst continuing to raise awareness, bring hope to those in need and to inspire others to challenge discrimination.

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