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 Dalarna, Sweden – a place where unspoilt nature and authentic culture meet

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Dalarna, Sweden – a place where unspoilt nature and authentic culture meet


 Dalarna – a place where unspoilt nature and authentic culture meet and create unforgettable memories? Dalarna’s deep forests, woodland lakes, rivers and waterfalls make it the perfect place for outdoor activities. We have the luxury of space and spectacular surroundings. Culturally, Dalarna is the most Swedish of Swedish provinces too. The iconic red cottages originate from here, as well as the world famous Dala horse. Here is also where you can find the distinctive folk music, kurbits painting and colorful folk costumes and a history of rich natural resources. Immerse yourself in nature and cultural activities.


Carl Larssongården
Welcome to Sweden’s most famous home. Carl Larsson-gården in Sundborn is an icon in Swedish interior design and family life. Lilla Hyttnäs has remained in the Larsson family for generations and is now managed by the Carl och Karin Larsson Family association. The family association works to preserve the homestead as a home and keep Carl and Karin’s work alive.

Dalarnas Museum
Dalarnas museum in Falun is a county museum where the cultural treasures and history of Dalarna are presented in an accessible manner for all ages and interests. Dalarna traditions and history has a special place in the hearts of Swedes, and this becomes apparent as you wander through this large and well-presented museum. The museum has one of Sweden’s biggest collections of Dalarna folk paintings, folk music, folk costumes, handicrafts and prints.

Guided underground tour at Falun Coppermine
The Falun Coppermine was the world’s biggest coppermine in the 1500s. Copper from the mine was transformed into coins, church spires and palace roofs around Europe and the proceeds from the sale of the product helped finance the Swedish “Age of Greatness”. The Falun Coppermine is one of the best preserved historical mining areas in the world and it became a UNESCO world heritage site in 2001.

Green hotel is situated in Tällberg with a magnificent view over Lake Siljan. The original Green Hotel was built by Hilda Andersson in 1917 and served as her residence for many years. It became a hotel in 1947. Then, as now, guests came to eat and drink well, spend time together and enjoy the wonderful setting. At Green Hotel it’s possible to bake your own traditional “tuttul”, pizza or cinnamon buns in their own cosy bakery. Together with a local guide you do the rolling and baking of the bread in the wood-fired baking oven.

Waffle walk with Green Owl Travel
An excursion in the trails of mythical legends and fascinating geology. Here you can pay a visit to a unique nature reserve in the middle of the forest. The ice sheet made its mark in form of a deep canyon and at the steep rock walls there are visible traces of the meteorite that struck the area some 370 million years ago. Water plunges down a 36-meter rock wall and in the area old forest is growing. Halfway you will stop to have some organic refreshments by the campfire.

The special environment has given rise to several imaginative legends and the surroundings are enchanted to say the least. Amongst other, both trolls and thieves are said to have lived in the cave below the waterfall and giants are said to have reigned the woods. If you walk gently local forest beings such as the ”Mörksugga” might show up.

Zorn museum
Visit the home of the national painter Anders Zorn: Zorngården and the Zorn Museum in central Mora. Right next to the church lies Zorngården, Anders and Emma Zorn’s home. During a guided tour, you will be able to experience the couple’s home and an amount of Anders works, objects from trips around the world, and get insight into how life was at the courtyard in the early 20th century. Next to Zorngården is the museum which, in addition to Zorn’s own watercolors, oil paintings, sculptures and etchings, also temporary guest shows and themed exhibitions.


Dalarna Culture Route: The home of artists Karin and Carl Larsson, Dalarnas Museum, Falu Coppermine and the home of painter Anders Zorn are all part of the Dalarna Culture Route, a round trip where you can visit a total of nine places that have played an important part in Sweden’s culture and history. Here you can find more information about the other stops.

Visit Dalarna is the Regional Tourism Organization for Dalarna. 

Visit Dalarna AB
Vasagatan 6
795 30 Rättvik

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