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For me Art is Life-Everything that surrounds us is art in its purest form

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For me Art is Life-Everything that surrounds us is art in its purest form

Is the world of art a parallel reality or real life in which everything boils, excites, evokes a sea of feelings and helps to make the right decisions and move on?

For me, art is life, everything that surrounds us is art in its purest form, I transfer my feelings, emotions, impressions into my works, this is my way of talking to people, my dialogue. Often people can understand art in their own way, through their experience, sensations, their character and mood. Any picture is always a dialogue: the artist speaks, the viewer listens and responds with his emotion. And art is not always a box of pleasure, beauty, it is a promise, an appeal, a hint, a forecast, it is your way to yourself and everything that is around.


“My search in art continues, my main theme and task now is to speak through my paintings about what is happening in Ukraine, about my hometown of Mariupol, which was practically destroyed as a result of Russian aggression.”

Since March of this year, I have created about 50 works, now the number of exhibitions in which they have been presented is already more than 20, geography – the whole world!

So, I will tell you a little about two exhibitions in Munich, where my paintings from the «Children of War» series were presented, and about a new exhibition in Italy.

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