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Steven Spurrier’s “Judgement of Paris”-Original Connoisseur Magazine Interview

Italian_Tasting_at_Lords photo taken by Aksel Ritenis
Written by Aksel Ritenis

Steven Spurrier’s “Judgement of Paris”-Original Connoisseur Magazine Interview

Steven Spurrier was named the Decanter Man of the Year 2017 – for devoting his life to the service of wine with passion and the utmost distinction…


” Steven Spurrier has taken on numerous different roles in the world of wine,..and excelled.at all  He has been a critic, journalist, buyer, entrepreneur, wine guide, vintner, visionary, mentor, restaurateur, author, educator, judge, communicator, and consultant. But it wasn’t just what Spurrier did that counted. It was also how he did it – in his case with characteristic flair, style, and élan. After school at Rugby and university at the London School of Economics, he joined Christopher’s in St James’s in 1964, then the poshest of London carriage-trade merchants. Soon afterward he did the Grand Tour of Europe’s vineyards. He worked a vintage in Burgundy and spent another six months in Bordeaux, the Rhône, Alsace, Champagne, Germany, and Spain.‘It was wonderful,’ he recalls. ‘I was completely hooked for life.’




“It was in the 1970s that Spurrier first came to fame as a wine merchant in Paris. These were the glory days of his wine shop, Les Caves de la Madeleine, which burst onto the scene as a treasure trove of then undiscovered gems, hand-picked by Spurrier.Before long came the hugely successful L’Académie du Vin. Not only was it the first consumer wine school of its kind in France, it also became the model for so many more around the world.”

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