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Raise a glass to the splendours of September

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Raise a glass to the splendours of September



If you’re experiencing a ‘thirst’ for adventure this September, let Belmond lead you through a tasting of some of the world’s finest refreshments. Savour the famous Grand Cru wines in Burgundy, rich in ‘terroir’ and mystifying history. Sample some of the finest Scottish whiskies on a tour of the Highlands. Linger over a Bellini alongside the Venetian Lagoon, or experience Peru’s passion for coffee in Cusco.

Raising the Bar
Hidden on Giudecca Island and a favourite among the world’s most shining stars, Belmond Hotel Cipriani is a true Venetian legend. Walter Bolzonella, the hotel’s head barman, shares his secrets for making sure the bar remains one of its most alluring features.

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