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The Collector: European and English 18th and 19th Century Furniture and Works of Art, Silver, Ceramics and Gold Boxes – 15 July

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The Collector: European and English 18th and 19th Century Furniture and Works of Art, Silver,

Ceramics and Gold Boxes -15 July

London – Christie’s announce The Collector sale taking place live on 15 July, offering a wide array of the finest European and English furniture, works of art, ceramics, silver and gold boxes spanning the 17th Century to the end of the 19th Century. The sale comprises 253 lots featuring some of the greatest designers and makers of their time including Jacques Dubois, François Rémond, Gioacchino Barberi, François Linke, Christofle, Marsh and Tatham amongst others.

This season Christie’s is delighted to partner with Kit Kemp, Founder and Creative Director of Firmdale Hotels as a Tastemaker on The Collector. Kit is passionate about creating exciting and unique interiors. Kit is an author, a successful textiles, homewares & fragrance designer and respected champion of British art. Over the years Kit Kemp has forged an internationally-acclaimed reputation and is celebrated for her individual and original approach to the way she transforms and arranges buildings, with colourful and detailed storytelling in her design. Here, Kit has reimagined her favourite pieces from the auction within ten contemporary interiors showcasing her identifiable style and flair for mixing antique pieces with modern textiles and soft furnishings (illustrated above an entrance hallway including Lot 136 and below a ladies bedroom including Lots 143 and 292 from The Collector).

Kit Kemp comments, “I am a passionate advocate of sustainability and my design ethos reflects this not only within the portfolio of Firmdale Hotels, but also in my own creative design approach. I continually look at how to re-position contemporary design pieces but importantly, how they can sit with 18th and 19th century pieces. The Collector reflects furniture and works of art which can be reimagined in a contemporary interior in 2020 having been painstakingly created by artisan’s through the centuries using highly skilled craftsmanship. These antique treasures give strength and depth of character to a contemporary interior. I find the juxtaposition of new and old give contrast and a joyous spirit to my rooms. A fine piece will always draw the eye and satisfy all the senses”. Kit continues, “I am a collector of many things, including 18th Century Irish furniture, and I particularly love embroidery and textiles from 17th Century onwards. In my own home I have a desk from the 18th Century next to a specially commissioned 20th Century lamp base which is an example of how to embrace the past and the contemporary in your home today”.

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