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Dellasposa announces its new permanent art gallery opening in London, October 2018

Written by Aksel Ritenis


Dellasposa announces its new permanent art gallery opening in London, October 2018


LONDON August 2018: Dellasposa is delighted to announce the launch of a new permanent gallery space at 2A Bathurst Street, London, in October 2018. The new gallery covers two floors and will benefit from five distinct rooms for exhibitions. It will form the new central London flagship to house Dellasposa’s growing stable of contemporary artists, a broader spectrum of works on offer by the modern masters, and a newly expanded events programme.


The gallery space is designed by the founders, Jessica McBride and Julian Phillimore, to create an immersive and contemplative experience for guests and visitors. Site Unseen, the inaugural exhibition at the gallery, comprises works by contemporary artists Alexander James Hamilton, Darren Coffield, Gail Olding, Guy Haddon Grant, Isabella Watling, Rad Husak, Sabatino Cersosimo, and Tahnee Lonsdale.

‘Having established the gallery through a variety of exhibitions in and around Mayfair, we are incredibly pleased to put down roots in Connaught Village’, says Julian Phillimore. Connaught Village, the luxury retail quarter of the Hyde Park Estate, and is well known for its independent boutiques and a unique ‘oasis of calm’ atmosphere in the centre of the city, a short distance from Oxford Street and Hyde Park.

The opening of the gallery occurs at a time when there is a fall in visitors attending museums and galleries nationally and internationally. ‘We are aware that many people find art galleries too intimidating to enter’, Julian Phillimore states, ‘We want to break through these barriers of entry by placing greater emphasis on engagement.’ Jessica continues: ‘Art is often a conversation piece; it is our responsibility as curators and gallerists, on behalf of our artists, to engage people in conversation about the art on show.’


The founders believe that socially-based experiences are the best way to inspire people and foster interest in art. Dellasposa wants to open its doors to a broader audience by developing a Salon series of events alongside the exhibition programme at the gallery. ‘The gallery is an environment for creating culture,’ Jessica says, ‘our vision is to reinvigorate the tradition of the Salon by hosting a series of events that are as social as they are a reason for intellectual discourse.’

One trending topic of discussion is Dellasposa’s ambitions is to readdress the gender-imbalance in the art world. ‘For too long women have been painted out of (art)history’, Jessica states. ’Being an advocate for artists is our responsibility, and we intend to make a difference by actively championing women in art through our exhibition and events programme.’


“The re-examination of connoisseurship in our contemporary times is another important topic at the gallery. Recognising that art is a visual language that requires some fluency, the founders encourage audiences to explore new ways of looking. ‘We are creating a space for contemplation in an age of digital distraction. With scholarship at the heart of our work, we want to encourage viewers to slow down and contemplate, meditate on the art in front of you.’”


The founders believe that trust is the root of building relationships with their artists and clients. Transparency fundamental to their business; by diligently informing collectors with an openness to information and research in the art market, they offer an impartial a bespoke art advisory service for art collectors. Whether someone is invested in the art scene or beginning one’s journey, Dellasposa provides independent, in-depth expertise to guide one through collecting art in today’s international, and often complex art market.



Dellasposa Fine Art

Founded by Jessica McBride and Julian Phillimore in 2016. Prior to the business, Jessica spent over six years working in several art galleries in London, specialising in post-war and contemporary art, with a key interest in Andy Warhol. As a curator, she has mounted group shows and exhibitions by both established and emerging artists.From 2004 to 2009, Jessica read History of Art MA (Hons) at the University of Glasgow, and in 2010, she achieved an MA in Visual Culture at the University of Westminster. Jessica has also trained in journalism at the London School of Journalism in 2006 and was educated in Finance and the Art Market at Sotheby’s Institute of Art, New York, in 2013.

Julian Phillimore studied Art History at Manchester University from 2001 to 2004. He gained experience at the Frick Collection, New York, and Christie’s, London. He then followed one of his passions and became a professional yachtsman until 2014. Having sailed the seas, Julian turned to his other passion in life – art – and founded Dellasposa with Jessica.


Connaught Village

Originally farmland, Connaught Village was developed in the late 1800’s and named after the Earl of Connaught. The Village was home to artists, writers, engineers and surgeons. Famous residents, past and present, include Sir Winston Churchill, Madonna, Ellie Goulding, Nigella Lawson, Claudia Winkleman and actor Sir Michael Caine. Its roots can be traced back to the 12th century when the area was known as Tyburnia, named after the notorious 12th century gallows and the Tyburn Tree.


Exhibition Title:             Site Unseen

Exhibition Dates:          30 October 2018 – 12 January 2019

Venue:                                Dellasposa Gallery

Location:                           2A Bathurst Street, London, W2 2SD

Exhibited Artists:           Alexander James Hamilton, Darren Coffield, Gail Olding, Tahnee         Lonsdale, Guy Haddon Grant, Isabella Watling, Sabatino Cersosimo, Rad Husak

Opening hours:              11.00am-8.00pm Monday-Friday, 10.00am-5.00pm Saturday and Sunday

Catalogue:                         The exhibition will be accompanied by a fully illustrated digital catalogue that includes an essay by the curator.

Gallery enquiries: | +44 (0)20 3286 1017 |

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