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Howard Park Raises the Curtain on a Sparkling Future

Written by Aksel Ritenis

“Howard Park Raises the Curtain on a Sparkling Future”

Debut sparkling wine boasts the first WA-produced augmented reality label, and takes out gold in London.

Howard Park is toasting a month of ‘firsts’ this July, after unveiling West Australia’s first augmented reality wine label and winning gold at what is referred to as ‘the toughest and most respected sparkling wine competition in the world.’

The debut Petit Jeté NV was officially launched on July 31, but has already made history with its wine label and packaging, creating an interactive wine drinking experience for sparkling lovers.

Howard Park partnered with label manufacturer Multi-Colour on the Label Motion AR app, which allows wine drinkers to scan their smartphones over the Petit Jeté bottle to view exclusive behind-the-scenes footage and learn more about the romantic process of methode traditionelle wine.

“The release coincides with the Petit Jeté taking out gold in Tom Stevenson’s highly regarded Champagne and Sparkling Wine World Championships in London last week. It was the only West Australian winery to achieve gold recognition, alongside Australian greats such as House of Arras and Chandon.”

“This win again cements Howard Park as a major Australian player for sparkling, and one of the only West Australian wineries to champion the methode traditionelle method. It is a spectacular result of which we’re very proud,” said General Manager Nat Burch.

Howard Park is no stranger to these awards, after winning the prestigious ‘Best Australian Sparkling Wine’ trophy for the Jeté Brut Blanc NV in September.

Nat said she’s also eager for people to see the Petit Jeté label ‘come to life’ with the latest augmented reality technology.

“The bottle becomes more than just a stagnant object, it conveys so much about the winemaking process and our in-house traditional champagne method,” she said.

“Sometimes it’s hard for us to express how much passion and thought goes into our decisions – even the choice to begin making sparkling wine in the first place, which was a huge undertaking. So to be able to express even a little of that to customers through this new medium is really exciting.”

Peter Holywell from Multi-Colour said the technology allowed a connection between those who made the wine and ultimately, those who pour themselves a glass at home. “We were very excited when Howard Park decided to come on board with our new label technology, as the first winery in Western Australia to do so,” Peter said.

“I know when I drink wine, it’s easy to wonder, ‘Where did this come from? Who made this? How was it made?’ Hopefully with AR, some of the romance of that story gets through,” Nat Burch said.

The Howard Park Petit Jeté NV officially launched on July 31 at the West Australian Ballet headquarters. Jeté is a signature ballet movement requiring time, dedication, commitment and great skill to create the illusion of boundless control.

Howard Park has long been inspired by the world of ballet thanks to its family roots. The entire Jeté sparkling range is an ode to the professional dance careers of Jeff Burch’s siblings: David and Lesley.

Four methode traditionelle sparklings have been crafted after this ballet tradition since 2012, including a Jeté Brut Blanc, Rosé, vintage Extra Brut Cuvée and most recently, the Petit Jeté.

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