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Wine Storage – For Your Collecting And Tasting Pleasure

Written by Aksel Ritenis

wine-storageCollecting wine is a personal persuit. Developing your tastes and building your collection are parts of an individual journey, though often – and fortunately – one you’ll enjoy and share with other wine enthusiasts. How you undertake that journey reflects how you store, age, and display your wine.

Your ideal wine storage option may be a custom-built cellar in your basement or a refrigerated, insulated converted closet adjacent to your dining room. It could be series of self-contained under-counter chillers in various entertainment areas of your home, racking to dispaly bottles of wine behind a bar, temperature–controlled space under a staircase, or a combination of wine storage options.

What’s truly ideal is what’s best for you… and for your wine collection. As you consider how to store and age your wine, you will confront issues of convenience and capacity, learn about optimum wine storage conditions, scour your home for available space, develop budgets, reveal your passion, and marry form with function. Consider these elements early, and work to find a balance that leads you to an inspired solution worthy of your collection.

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