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The Josephine Wine Glass by Josephinenhütte wins the “Best of Best” Iconic Awards 2022- Innovative interior

The Josephine Wine Glass by Josephinenhütte wins the “Best of Best” Iconic Awards 2022- Innovative interior

Visionary Design and finest Craftsmanship

“A glass that allows the taste and aroma of wines to unfold in a unique way.”

The JOSEPHINE is a handmade glass that stands out not only visually, but especially sensorily. Its unique design with a kink allows the aromas to evolve within the glass so that the wine can develop much more intense and faster. At the same time, the glass is so fine that it feels like you are holding the wine in your hand.

Josephinenhütte is created by by Kurt Josef Zalto, glass designer in 6th generation and the glasses are Inspired by history .Kurt Josef Zalto is committed to craftsmanship tradition and absolute sophistication.

“With his design for a lightweight, thin-walled, yet flexible wineglass, the Austrian glassmaker has gone beyond the current concept of a good glass.”


The glass designer creates the best glasses of their kind, as innovative and astounding as the original Josephinenhütte products. Glasses which open up a new dimension in taste through their visionary construction. Thanks to their characteristic shape and expressive colours, they are a joy to all the senses. Glasses which bring vibrancy to their contents and to those who drink out of them. They not only fulfil their purpose to perfection but are also so striking that they bring people together in conversation. Glasses that are full of life – a delightful sensory experience.

“In the great tradition of craftsmen, Josephinenhütte has worked together with prominent figures from design, fine arts and contemporary gastronomy to create the new collection. Through an inventive handcrafting process, in combination with diverse complementary concepts, the finest glasses have originated to suit a variety of different needs. An ever-expanding range with one common feature: each Josephinenhütte glass is a unique handblown piece, made by passionate craftsmen.”

*Connoisseur Magazine presents and shares a selection of  quotations from wine experts in the Restaurant and hospitality sectors which best encapsulate the numerous impressions that these glasses engender.

Can a great wine glass make a bad wine taste better?

You appreciate a drink more from a good glass. A good glass is honest with a wine, because it allows it to show its characteristics better. What I like about the glasses from Josephinenhütte is that they show off the best parts of a drink: like when you look at yourself in the mirror thinking ‘I look so good today!’ But they are well balanced, the glass is definitely no phony. It would be mean to drink a 2,99 Euro wine from Josephinenhütte glasses. You would smell things you just don’t want to smell. So, if you own good wine glasses, you have to drink good wine.

You use wine glasses from the „Josephine” series at your restaurant. Do you consider the characteristic undulation an aesthetic or a functional element?

In my opinion, the undulation definitely has a clear function. The bend makes a lot of sense, especially for the champagne flute. Champagne and sparkling wines made from apples or rhubarb taste excellent from this glass. We also find that beer goes well in these glasses. The aroma comes across as fruity, lively and very precise.

This is the new Josephinenhütte, committed to traditional craftsmanship and absolute sophistication: The World’s finest glasses.

Holding a hand-blown glass, such as this one, by Josephinenhütte: how does it compare to an industrially made glass?

First of all, you notice its lightness. It is a very delicate, elegant feeling. The fact that you can feel a texture also gives a feeling of value. This is important to me. The look also plays a part, of course. A glass should ideally always also be an object of design. Most people buy glass because it’s beautiful which is totally legitimate. But we buy wine glasses first and foremost in order to be good for the wine.

When is a glass good for the wine?

It is absolutely possible to drink wine from a coffee cup. The problem with this, is that it’s impossible to smell the wine, because it cannot develop its aroma in the cup. It slides along the edges but does not get out. With a simple industrially made glass, you have at least the chance to smell something. Since what you taste is always also what you smell, it is crucial how you perceive the wine with your nose. A good glass is the best possible way of presenting wine to all the senses.

Discover the JOSEPHINE collection

Exceptionally light and thin-walled, yet astoundingly elastic, exquisitely delicate and yet robust. Each filigree glass is a unique mouth-blown work of art.

Inspired by the historical art of glassmaking

Our role model: the former Josephinenhütte. A Silesian glassworks in the Sudeten Mountains, founded in 1842 by Count Leopold von Schaffgotsch and named after his beloved wife Josephine. The glassmaker Franz Pohl, head of Josephinenhütte, was a gifted creator and artistic pioneer who went beyond the boundaries of what was thought possible in glassmaking at the time. Thus, were created glass objects of technical sophistication and absolute beauty, which made Josephinenhütte one of the most significant glassworks in Europe and the New World.

A century later, fate put an end to the success story of Josephinenhütte and over the decades the former splendour fell into obscurity.

The History

Berlin 2019 – The new Josephinenhütte

Three friends, fascinated and inspired by the value of true craftmanship, want to bring Josephinenhütte back to life. The dream is to create glasses that are delicate and light, sophisticated and exquisite and which re-establish the exceptional Josephinenhütte standards.

The keystone to completing this vision: Kurt Josef Zalto, possibly the most gifted glass designer of our time. He should, and has, become the creative director of Josephinenhütte.

Kurt Josef Zalto’s design of the Universal Glass Josephinen No.2 receives the esteemed “Best of Best” Iconic Awards 2022

The Josephine No.2 Wine Glass won the “Best of Best” in the Kitchen and Household category in the Iconic Awards: Innovative Interior. The award recognizes the very best designs in all interior design sectors globally.

Kurt Josef Zalto’s design of the Universal Glass Josephinen No.2 receives the esteemed “Best of Best” Iconic Awards 2022

The Iconic Awards set the trend barometer for the furnishing sector. Its competition for interior architects, product designers, and object developers honors the best of the best from the furnishing sector and interior design, creating a unique platform for networking. There were 9 categories in which 450 participants from 19 countries were rigorously evaluated.
The Judging criteria included the following :
-degree of innovation,
-design quality,
-ecological sustainability,
ecological quality,
functionality and usability,
marketing concept,
marketing innovation,
overall concept,
product aesthetics,
practical value,
safety and accessibility
Driven by the vision of finding the archetypal wine glass, Kurt Josef Zalto has spent years developing an entirely new glass shape.
The JOSEPHINE is a handmade glass that stands out visually and sensually.
“Its unique kink design allows the taste and aromas of the wine to develop and unfold in the glass. At the same time, the glass is so fine that you almost have the feeling of holding the wine in your hand.”

About Josephinenhütte

Named for love, forged with skill

“Josephinenhütte reawakens the lost art of mouth-blown glass for the modern wine aficionado. Master glassmaker, Kurt Josef Zalto, revived the historic glassworks in 2019 with the vision and skill to translate the brand’s pioneering soul for a new generation. Initially founded by Count Leopold von Schaffgotsch in in 1842, the studio broke craft barriers in its time. To create glassware with such passion that it deserved the name of the Count’s beloved wife Josephine, artisans pushed the medium of glass.”

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